Dutch energy subsidies stimulate massive deforestation in the Netherlands and nearby Groningen in Drenthe

With the article “Dutch Bureaucrats (RVO) destroy (old growth) forests with tax-billions” the economic growth of the deforestation industry is explained with photographs of recent fellings which make explicitly clear the extent of the long term, irreversibel damage currently caused by these subsidies.

The petition to reverse these subsidies and stop the large-scale destruction of trees and forest areas in the Netherlands is one step, but the government needs to intervene into the many organizations that are quickly capatalizaing on these short-sighted policies including the Staats Bos Beheer and Prolander.

This article provides just a glimpse in photographs of the damage caused everyday by such catastrophic policies. Here is just one of many.

‘Forest Maintenance’

Havelterberg ‘maintained’ by the Ministry of Defense where every tree large and small has been stricken with the orange mark of ‘death’